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Baltimore Row Cottages Restoration


Thank You For Helping Preserve The Greenbrier For The Future.

The Baltimore Row Legacy Cottages were built in the 1830s, a decade of rapid expansion at The Greenbrier. People had been traveling to White Sulphur Springs to “take the waters” for over fifty years, but the improvement of roads by the 1830s allowed stagecoaches to traverse the mountain passes on a more regular basis. James Calwell, a successful businessman in Baltimore prior to taking over the resort, persuaded prominent families from Baltimore to build each of the cottages for their personal use each summer.

Designed by John H.B. Latrobe (also of Baltimore), the cottages were built to offer the finest accommodations at the most fashionable resort in the South. For the prominent families that gathered each summer, the Baltimore Row Legacy Cottages offered significant improvements over the earlier Paradise and Alabama Row Cottages including a more spacious layout, a better view of the activities on the north lawn and a broad porch for enjoying the cool mountain breezes.

Following the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee and his family stayed for three consecutive years in "Baltimore G" - also known as “Lee Cottage.” The Presidents’ Cottage Museum features a large wall mural showing General Lee on the porch, and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson attended a dedication ceremony for a bronze historical plaque.

The Historic Preservation Fund is collected to preserve and protect landscapes, buildings, and amenities that have played a meaningful role in The Greenbrier’s past while carefully integrating continuous improvements for the future. The extensive restoration of the historic Baltimore Row Legacy Cottages will continue through the winter of 2015. In the spring of 2015, book a Baltimore Row Legacy Cottage to enjoy the newly refurbished front porches, intimate fireplaces and inviting interiors.

Phase 1 - Removing Carpeting


Phase 2 - Refinishing Wood Floors


Phase 3 - Completed Rooms


Thank You For Helping Preserve The Greenbrier For The Future.