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President's Estate Home Restoration 


The President's Estate Home served as the residence for the presidents of The Greenbrier from 1952 to 1994, but following the current preservation and restoration work it will once again be known as the Hawley Estate Home when it re-opens to the public on April 1, 2015.

Featuring many original works of art and exquisite furnishings throughout, this 1912 structure built by railroad magnate Colonel Edwin Hawley boasts an impressive guest list including notable families and foreign heads of state spanning more than 100 years.

Frederick Bruce Family in 1932, Hawley Estate Home in 1920, Margaret Thatcher in 1991


A wall added in later years to split the sunroom was removed to restore the original floorplan. The worn carpeting was pulled up to reveal and refinish the original hardwood floors beneath.


The large storage room will be restored to its former glory as a ballroom so that it may once again be used by families and corporate groups to entertain.

Front Porch

Windows will be removed and landscaping cut back so that guests can once again enjoy the cool breezes and sweeping views from the original front porch.

Thank You For Helping Preserve The Greenbrier For The Future.