Adventure Zone: Evening Program

Each day is a brand new adventure

Reservations & Questions:

Activities & Events
The Adventure Zone promises to create lasting memories for all of our young guests, 6-12 years of age. Each day is a brand new adventure that will let your children explore their creative and curious side.

Running from 6:00pm until 10:00pm, this Evening Program includes games and activities. 

Reservations and Cancellation Policies

Required by 8:00pm the day prior.  We encourage making reservations as early as possible because space is limited. Cancellations must be made by 8:00pm the day before in order to avoid a cancellation fee of $40.00 per child.


$65 per child.  There is an additional charge for dinner of $10.

Pickup Times

There is a 15 minute grace period for pick-up from the Adventure Zone programs. After 15 minutes, there will be an additional charge of $20 per child, per 30 minutes. 


  • Label all personal items and leave toys in your room to prevent them from being lost.
  • Do not bring outside food into the Adventure Zone due to food allergy concerns.
  • Dress in weather appropriate clothing, as we try to spend most of our time outdoors.  Bring a swimsuit, sneakers, jacket and an extra set of clothing in case of spills or accidents (for younger children).
  • Bring bug spray or sunscreen if your child has allergies to certain brands.