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Offering strength training equipment as well as cardiovascular machines.

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Vacation doesn't mean you have to let your fitness plan go. The Greenbrier offers resistance training and cardiovascular equipment at its Fitness Center, adjacent to the golf club and outdoor tennis courts. Classes are also available daily from our experienced instructors, trained to work with fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. 
Fitness class schedule may be viewed on our Daily Calendar by selecting the specific date.


The Fitness Center is included in our Daily Resort Fee and is complimentary for registered overnight guests and members. Fitness Classes & Personal Training sessions are also available for a fee.

Fitness Class Price Guide

$32 per person for 30 minute classes
$48 per person for 60 minute classes
$64 per person 1- hour Guided Hike
$96 per person 2- hour Guided Hike

Additional Fitness Offerings

Guided Mountain Hike:  $46 per hour or $96 per two hours
Golf Stretch/Workout:  $120 per half hour or $152 per hour
One-on-One Training:  $120 per half hour or $152 per hour. This personalized session takes into consideration your goals and lifestyle to tailor a customized program to meet your needs.
His & Hers Training:  $257 per hour. This customized training session is designed for two people to burn off those extra calories or begin a new personalized fitness program.
Fitness Evaluation:  $249 per person or $362 per couple. This is a great way to measure your muscular strength and flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition.
Fitness Evaluation & Training Combo:  $362 per two hours
Private Group Fitness Class:  $362 per hour (3 – 6 guests), $482 per hour (7 – 10 guests), $722 (11 – 15 guests), $48 per person (16+ guests)
Private Group Walk:  $514 per hour (up to 20 guests), $29 per person (more than 20 guests)
Private Mountain Hike:  $200 per hour (2 – 3 guests), $400 per hour (4 – 5 guests), $80 per person (6+ guests)

Pricing above includes 6% West Virginia sales tax and 9.75% Historic Preservation Fund.  Gratuity is not included.


The Fitness Center is located above the Indoor Tennis Courts and near the Outdoor Tennis Courts.


Must be 16 years old unless accompanied by an adult.