Enjoy this high-tech treasure hunt!

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Experienced geocachers know that The Greenbrier's vast and historic resort is the perfect spot for a hunt. For rookies, geocaching can be described best as a high-tech treasure hunt. Ten hidden caches (treasures) are scattered throughout the resort, and guests can work in teams with Global Positioning Systems to find each location, take an item and leave another in its place. It's not only entertaining and challenging, but also a great way to explore the property and learn more about America's Resort.    

Reservations and Cancellation Policies

Reservations not required.


GPS Rental:  $75* each
* Gratuity, tax and Historic Preservation Fund are additional.


GPS units are available through Greenbrier Outfitters located next to the Outdoor Pool.


Each group only needs one GPS unit unless they want to make it a competition in which case multiple GPS units may be rented.

Dress Code

Casual attire, including sport shirts, walking shorts and jeans.