Letters to Santa at Fizzy's Land of Oz

Mail in Fizzy’s Magical North Pole Mailbox | November 4 – December 24, 2022

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Bring your children to Fizzy’s Land of Oz to fill out a personalized letter to Santa Claus and mail it in our magical North Pole Mailbox. We will make sure Santa Claus receives all submitted letters in time for him to make requested toys and reply to each child with a personalized letter from Santa* postmarked from the North Pole.

Letter to Santa Details

Fizzy’s will have letters to Santa templates available for all children to fill out and mail in our magical North Pole Mailbox. No purchase is necessary, if your child fills out a letter to Santa and places it in Fizzy’s magical North Pole Mailbox.

*Personalized Letter from Santa Details

Please stop by Fizzy’s desk while your child is filling out their letter to Santa and complete a form with your address and other required “Letter from Santa” information. The information you provide will be entered in a vintage letter template, postmarked at the North Pole and mailed to your child in time to read before Christmas. The postage and handling charges for a personalized postmarked letter from Santa will cost $10.00 plus sales tax & Historic Preservation Fund.  Personalized Letter from Santa available November 4 – December 4, 2022.