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Executive Steward


Aaron McCormack

A lifelong resident of Greenbrier County, Aaron has been in the hospitality industry for most of his career. The Greenbrier has been a part of his life for the last 30 years, first with a local limousine company and then The Greenbrier itself in 2009. Starting out in the stewarding department, he has worked his way through the ranks to become the Executive Steward. He is passionate, committed and always has the guest in mind as his final goal. As a family man with a wife and son he knows what is important in life. Food and Beverage has been one aspect of his career that he has enjoyed learning and excelling in. With the ongoing renovating and expanding of the Greenbrier he will continue to learn and grow with experiences that are timeless and memories that will last forever. He has a sense of pride to be a Greenbrier employee.

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