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Chef de Cuisine - The Main Dining Room 


Chris Connolly

Ohio-born Chef Chris Connolly started working in restaurants near his hometown at the age of 20. So began an ever-growing relationship with food and all its bounty. Upon deciding to pursue a career as a chef, he began by exploring beyond his horizon to see where this journey would take him. In 2012, his first stop was in Chicago, where he was a Stagier at the three Michelin star restaurant Alinea. Captivated by the level of intensity and discipline Alinea had shown him, he found his calling in fine dining.

In 2013, Chris joined the team at The Inn at Little Washington as a Line Cook, where he worked with some of the best chefs in the country. It was at The Inn where he solidified his knowledge of the fundamentals of cooking. In January of 2016, he was invited by Evan Parker, Executive Sous Chef at The Inn at Little Washington, to travel to Wyoming as his Sous Chef for a private luxury hotel where he spent eight months assisting with the planning and execution of the kitchen. In late 2016, Chris decided to return to the East coast where he would take over as Chef de Cuisine of The Main Dining Room at The Greenbrier.

Chris considers his greatest mentors to be Chef Robert Monter, Chef Stephen Lyons and Chef Evan Parker. These chefs have taken their time to show him the importance of attention to the small details, and helped guide Chris on his path to success.  When he is not expressing his skills and creativity in the kitchen, Chris also enjoys pursuing his passion for travel and photography.