Wild & Wonderful Hunting, Fishing & Conservation Expo

September 22 - 25, 2023

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For more than a century, America’s Resort, The Greenbrier, has been known as a sportsman’s paradise. With 11,000 breathtaking acres set in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, the resort features the topography, water and wildlife that is sought out by outdoorsmen from around the world.
Fishing, bird hunting, archery, skeet and trap shooting, sporting clays, off-road driving and falconry are just a sampling of the outdoor offerings featured daily for guests of The Greenbrier, along with more than 50 other indoor and outdoor activities. 
For the first time, The Greenbrier is bringing outdoorsmen from every location and discipline together with vendors to experience this incredible property and learn more about the hunting, fishing and conservation opportunities available to enthusiasts of all types. While some of the exhibits will be contained indoors, the goal is to utilize the entire property and the great outdoors, which we all treasure. 



Event Goals

While providing an ideal location for vendors, speakers and outdoor enthusiasts to showcase their products and skills is at the heart of the Wild and Wonderful Hunting, Fishing and Conservation Expo at The Greenbrier, there are some other major goals that the team at America’s Resort hopes to accomplish with this unique event.

  • Spread knowledge about the incredible sporting opportunities available on The Greenbrier property and the expert instructors on staff
  • Manage the outside perception of West Virginia and spread awareness of its beauty and everything it has to offer to outdoor enthusiasts of all types
  • Help foster an awareness and appreciation of outdoor sports among youth throughout West Virginia and beyond
  • Provide outdoor sporting opportunities for military veterans Partner with West Virginia Department of Natural Resources on conservation efforts in West Virginia.


The Greenbrier Resort
  • 11,000 acre property
  • 680 guest rooms
  • 200,000 square feet of convertible indoor event space
  • More than 55 indoor and outdoor activities offered on-site
  • Howard’s Creek runs through the property and the Old White golf course and it is stocked with trophy catch-and-release trout
  • Howard’s Creek Lodge is a 1,568-square-foot white oak log structure on the banks of Howard’s Creek that can accommodate up to 200 guests at a time
  • Kate’s Mountain Lodge is a 2,883-square foot rustic venue surrounded by incredible views of the Allegheny Mountains and can host up to 200 guests at a time
  • Center Court at Creekside Stadium is a 2,600-seat outdoor tennis stadium on the banks of Howard’s Creek that can be used for various events
The Greenbrier Gun Club
  • Located on The Greenbrier property
  • Opened in 1913
  • Sporting clays course designed by Justin Jones and John Higgins of the British School of Shooting
  • Ten stations on course with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Eight skeet stations with shots coming from a high house on the left and low house on the right
  • Five trap stations with shots moving away from the shooter from a single trap house
  • New lighted five-stand perfect for nighttime shooting
  • Located on Kate’s Mountain with incredible mountain views
Stoney Brook Plantation
  • Located in Gap Mills, West Virginia, 25 miles from The Greenbrier
  • 20,000 picturesque mountain acres
  • Wing Shooting Preserve
  • Flushing chukar, ringneck pheasant and mallard ducks Large pond Amazing mountain views


Friday, September 22

12:00 - 5:00pm: Exhibits and hands-on experiences
12:00pm: Fly Fishing/Casting Pool
12:00pm: Rifle Clay Shooting at The Greenbrier Gun Club 5-Stand
1:00pm: Youth Fishing Invitational (1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes) 
2:00pm: 1,000-Yard Rife Tournament (1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes)
2:30pm: Archery Tournament 
3:30pm: Turkey Call 101 with Jim Clay
4:00pm: Wild Game Cookoff
7:00pm: Welcome Reception
Saturday, September 23

7:00am: Continental Breakfast for Vendors
9:00am: Day of Clays Sponsored by Midway USA for Youth and Adults 
9:00am - 5:00pm: Exhibits and hands-on experiences
9:30am: Archery Seminar and Shoot 
10:00am: Tracking the Appalachian Buck 
10:30am: Fly Casting and Rods 
11:00am: .22 Tournament
11:00am: RV Home Away From Home Tour 
1:00pm: Day of Clays Sponsored by Midway USA for Youth and Adults
1:00pm: Polaris Demo
2:00pm: Dog Jumping Competition 
2:00pm: Toyota/Chevrolet/Jeep Tour/Ride and Drive 
3:00pm: Fly Casting and Rods 
3:30pm: Turkey Calling At Its Best 
4:00pm: Beer Tasting 
5:00pm: Kate’s Mountain BBQ Dinners with Live Music, Dancing and Bar
Sunday, September 24

7:00am: Continental Breakfast for Vendors 
9:00am - 5:00pm: Exhibits and hands-on experiences
9:30am: Archery Seminar and Shoot
10:30am: Fly Casting and Rods
11:00am: DNR Seminar 
11:00am: RV Home Away From Home Tour 
1:00pm: Youth Invitational Archery
1:00pm: Polaris Demo 
2:00pm: Toyota/Chevrolet/Jeep Tour/Ride and Drive 
3:30pm: Turkey Calling At Its Best 
4:00pm: Bourbon Tasting 
5:00pm: Farewell Dinner with Live Music, Dancing, Bar and Fireworks
Monday, September 25

Departure Date


  • Adults: $10
  • Ages 5-12: $5
  • Under 5: Free




  • Sponsorship packages are available at varying levels.