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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I have never played golf.  Is The Greenbrier Golf Academy a good choice for me?

A: Yes. The curriculum at The Greenbrier Golf Academy is designed to help players of all abilities. From a relaxed environment to excellent individual instruction, The Greenbrier Golf Academy has everything to offer to the golf enthusiast.

Q:  What makes The Greenbrier Golf Academy better than the others?

A: The personalized instruction benefits the students in that it meets your individual needs. You will never be taught by one method while here at The Greenbrier Golf Academy. Your instruction will be as personalized as a fingerprint. You will definitely leave the school with lower scores ahead of you.

Q: Will the instructors try to change everything about my game?

A: No. Our approach to improvement is to work with the skills you already possess while curing your faults and leaving you with the tools and knowledge to continue to progress while away from the academy.

Q: How much improvement can I expect by attending The Greenbrier Golf Academy?

A: Results will vary from student to student but we have helped students lower their handicap by 10 shots or more!

Q:  Is The Greenbrier Golf Academy program popular with women?

A: Here at The Greenbrier Golf Academy, approximately 40 percent of our students are women and that percentage continues to rise.

Q: Is The Greenbrier Golf Academy program suitable for the senior player?

A:  Absolutely. The instruction is done on an individual basis. The student may stop and rest at any time.

Q: What is the proper attire?

A: Traditional golf attire is expected.

Q: Does The Greenbrier Golf Academy offer rental equipment?

A: Yes. If you do attend the golf school program and are a beginner without any clubs or simply didn't feel like lugging them here, we do offer rentals free of charge.

Q: I am a more advanced player. Is The Greenbrier Golf Academy more for beginners?

A: No. The golf school curriculum, although formatted for a group, is taught on an individual basis and can be a great refresher for the intermediate to advanced player.