Brodie Cashmere Trunk Show

Contemporary Luxury Cashmere | Daily in September

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You’re invited to attend an exclusive viewing of Brodie Cashmere Collection and WHISPER by Brodie - Presented by Flying High located on Greenbrier Avenue.

Brodie, a distinctive British brand known for its luxurious cashmere clothes sumptuously soft cotton silk pieces. With roots in the heart of Yorkshire, we are a family-owned business that has taken the cashmere market by storm with our rich colors, distinctive prints, timeless fits, and perfect finishing touches.

Consciously sourced and lovingly made, our pieces are spun from 100% pure Mongolian cashmere and have been designed to bring you joy, excitement, and comfort for years to come. Our goal, to provide you with luxurious products, traceable from grazing to garment. The Cotton Silk collection provides a beautiful, fashionable range of machine washable, lightweight jumpers, cardigans, and tops to add to your wardrobe.

Empowered by the women in her family, Brodie founder, Anne Marie launched the brand eleven years ago to continue to grow her family’s already thriving private wool business in Leeds. With an already very strong success in selling great quality cashmere at a private level, Anne Marie had all the expertise to back up the goal of becoming a globally renowned brand while keeping the same small town core values at heart, maintaining a grounded yet charming spark.

Born and inspired by centuries of Yorkshire textile expertise and heritage, Brodie is a modern luxury brand, pioneering sustainable and ethical practices to deliver only the finest products to the world, and in color, of course.