Chilly Billy Book Signing

Meet Author Melinda Chambers | December 4 – 5, 2020

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Come to Fizzy’s Land of Oz for a book signing and meet & greet with award-winning author Melinda Chambers. Melinda’s children’s books- We Are Whoo We Are, The Day The Snap Dragon Snapped Back, Fraidy Cat, Chilly Billy and We Helped have all received Mom’s Choice Awards- designating them among the best in family-friendly products. Melinda grew up with a flock of sheep behind her house and fondly remembers waking up in the middle of the night to the “Baaas” of lambs that her father had put in a box next to the heater to warm them up from the frigid cold outside.

More about Chilly Billy….
A lamb named Chilly Billy is born on a cold winter day deep in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Chilly Billy frolics with the other lambs. They decide to go under the fence and nicknamed him Silly Billy, because he wouldn’t follow them. Find out what happens...and why Billy wasn’t so silly after all. Known for her lessons from nature, Melinda reminds her readers they need to question their choices. It’s easy to follow “follow the flock,” but sometimes the outcomes are not desirable. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker captures the beauty of the story through her artwork. (Gold Mom's Choice Award, Literary Classics International Book Awards Seal of Approval, Gold Reader's Favorite International Book Award.)

More about And We Helped….
Remember those wonderful smells wafting from Grandmother's kitchen? Remember getting your hands all gooey with pie crust and biscuit dough and those special treats from the oven that you helped bake? Melinda Chambers has captured those memories with her grandchildren in this new book, And We Helped! Bring the classroom to the kitchen and unforgettable photos to your memory album with award winning author Melinda Chambers and her grandchildren-Grant, Christian, John, Amelia, Ella, and Vanessa.