Chilly Billy Book Signing

Meet Author Melinda Chambers | December 2 – 3, 2022

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Come to Fizzy’s Land of Oz for a book signing and meet & greet with award-winning author Melinda Chambers. Melinda’s children’s books- We Are Whoooo We Are, The Day The Snap Dragons Snapped Back, Fraidy Cat and Chilly Billy have all received Mom’s Choice Awards- designating them among the best in family-friendly products. Melinda grew up with a flock of sheep behind her house and fondly remembers waking up in the middle of the night to the “Baaas” of lambs that her father had put in a box next to the heater to warm them up from the frigid cold outside.
Chilly Billy
A lamb named Chilly Billy is born on a cold winter day deep in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Chilly Billy frolics with the other lambs. They decide to go under the fence and nicknamed him Silly Billy, because he wouldn’t follow them. Find out what happens...and why Billy wasn’t so silly after all. Known for her lessons from nature, Melinda reminds her readers they need to question their choices. It’s easy to follow “follow the flock,” but sometimes the outcomes are not desirable. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker captures the beauty of the story through her artwork. Gold Mom's Choice Award, Literary Classics International Book Awards Seal of Approval, Gold Reader's Favorite International Book Award.
Fraidy Cat
Fraidy Cat learns one of life’s lessons by trying to overcome his fear of leaving his safe shelf in the barn. Mama Cat takes his brothers and sisters out to explore and Fraidy Cat can’t muster the courage to take his first leap into life until he gets help from a most unusual creature. Beautifully illustrated by talented artist Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker. Mom's Choice Award Winner, Best Children's Book Values & Life Lessons—Gold, Award Winning Finalist USA News Best Book Awards for Best Children's Educational AND Best in Children's Mind/Body/Spirit
We Are Whoo We Are
Papa Owl stays awake to answer his son's questions..."Why can't I be like the mockingbirds...or the blue jays...or the robins...why?' Read Papa Owl's advice to his son as to why he is WHOOOO he is! This beautifully illustrated children's book tells a delightful story about the birds of the forest and how they differ from you and me. Learn what baby owl discovers about people and the choices they can make. Mom’s Choice Award Winner, Literary Classics International Book Award, USA News Best Book Awards Finalist Best Children’s Book Series
The Day The Snapdragons Snapped Back
While digging up a luscious bone, the puppy digs up Beulah's beautiful garden of snapdragons. Mother dog tells her young pup about the care Beulah had given her snapdragons and how, years ago, chipmunks tried to destroy the flourishing flowers. Puppy learns that caring for gardens...and puppies...can get them through the rough times and if the roots are strong, the garden will flower again.
Puppy learns that caring for gardens...and puppies...can get them through the rough times and if the roots are strong, the garden will flower again. Silver Honoree-Mom's Choice Awards-Children's Picture Book-Values and Life Lessons, USA News Best Book Awards Finalist Best Children's Book Series
About the Author
Melinda Spiker Chambers is a multi-award-winning author and a retired educator with degrees from West Virginia University and Ohio State University. She has worked as a WVU Extension Agent and then middle school teacher, followed with Nutrition Director for Hampshire County. Melinda currently lives in Hampshire County, West Virginia with her husband, Byron. Together they have two children and five grandchildren. Melinda currently volunteers her time as a Sunday School teacher, creative writing teacher, 4-H volunteer, counselor, and mentor. She is a Zoom Into Books Author, part of the Headline Kids School Show Program, and is a sought-after speaker.