Nelson the Giant Book Signing

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Through Imagination, Music, Art and a Giant’s Heart | November 22 – 23, 2019

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Please join us at Fizzy’s Land of Oz for Nelson the Giant Book Signing and musical art workshop with the author Sandy Gemmill. The Story of Nelson the Giant: A Heart as Big as his Thump! is a gentle approach to bullying awareness and prevention through the power of imagination, music, art and a GIANT'S heart! 

Musical Art Workshop:

When children are introduced to Nelson the Giant, they only see a drawing of his legs. The dramatic story-song sparks imagination and inspires children to create their own complete image of the gentle giant. During this fun workshop children are invited to creatively express their thoughts by drawing a picture of what they think Nelson the Giant looks like while they listen to the heartwarming musical production about Nelson and the friendship song. (Fizzy’s will provide complimentary copies of the I think Nelson Looks like… page and crayons for children to use during the workshop).

Photo Op’s

Take a picture of yourself with Nelson’s giant heart or giant shoe. See how it feels to walk in Nelson the Giant’s Shoe!

Nelson the Giant's Friendship Guide/Activity Book encourages critical thinking and invites children to express themselves in drawing and in writing and includes a two-song CD that is a heartwarming musical production. "A Heart as Big as His THUMP!" evokes emotional response, causing children to reflect and share their feelings about bullying and conflict resolution. The accompanying friendship song, "Far Across the Playground", reminds children to share a smile and reach out to their peers in times of loneliness.

About the Author 

Sandy Gemmill writes songs that spark imagination and brighten the hearts of young children! Sandy is also an anti-bullying advocate whose songs send an encouraging message to children to be sensitive to the uniqueness of their peers. Sandy's drive to ensure social harmony for all children supports society's need to embrace individuality, reminding young and old alike the importance of acceptance and understanding.