The Koala and the Crocodile Book Signing

A Book About a Very Cute and Furry Koala | November 29 - 30, 2019

Events & Holidays
Join us at Fizzy’s Land of Oz on November 29 - 30 and meet book author and poet Tea Bird as she personally autographs her first children’s book The Koala and the Crocodile. As an extra special bonus for this event, the Illustrator Tré will be signing the book and offering limited edition "The Koala and The Crocodile" prints with certificates of authenticity for purchase.

Book Reading with the Author:
Friday, November, 29th at 3:00pm
Saturday, November 30th at 3:00pm

The Koala and the Crocodile is a story about a koala’s love of eucalyptus leaves, and the colorful relationships that spark his personal growth. Tea Bird’s delightful tale of a koala’s encounters with others in the animal kingdom is both humorous and unforgettable.….

Once, before the continents were divided, in a faraway land, animals communicated quite freely with one another. High atop a lush eucalyptus tree, beside a large riverbank, there lived a very cute and furry Koala. His whole life, the Koala enjoyed eating the tender young eucalyptus leaves every day, all day long.  

This is a fun and endearing story that encourages good manners, kindness, and safety. Koala’s interactions with the spirited characters of the animal kingdom places emphasis on family values, friendship, acceptance, and when to trust others.

About the Author

Tea Bird is an author and published poet. Her first book The Koala and the Crocodile was written for her children as a bedtime story. After nightly requests from her daughter: “Mommy please, write me more stories!” she continues to put pen to paper.