Lamp Light Glass Art

Experience the art of glassblowing when you step inside the Lamp Light Glass Art "hot shop" and observe a live glassmaking demonstration as master glassmaker Mike McCain and his team work carefully with hot molten glass on the end of a pipe, skillfully forming the creation into an ornament, bowl, or vase. Relax in a comfortable sitting area as you learn about the techniques used to create various shapes and colors that become priceless works of art.

Glass Blowing Observation - Daily from 10:00am-4:00pm.  Reservations not required. Shuttle Bus available from The Greenbrier Resort.

Glass Blowing Experience - This unique experience includes a private hands-on lesson in the techniques of glass blowing. During the 30-minute or a 1-hour lesson, guests will receive one-on-one instruction from a Lamp Light Glass Art instructor, learn the fundamentals of glass blowing and create their own piece of glass artwork to take home as a keepsake from their trip to America's Resort.  

Glass Blowing Experience - Available Thursday - Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm. Reservation required. Contact Lamp Light Glass Art to make a reservation or see Concierge for more details.

Guest Artists in Residence - Observe renowned guest artists at work in the Lamp Light Glass Art studio. Watch as these outstanding creative minds work on innovative pieces exclusive for the Lamp Light Glass Studio retail gallery. Reservations appreciated. Contact Lamp Light Glass Art or see Concierge for scheculed dates and times.

Lamp Light Glass Art Retail Gallery - Find hand blown art glass pieces created by Lamp Light Glass artists and special guest artists. These unique heirlooms make the perfect home décor accent, special gift or group gift.
Since 1999, Mike McCain has been enamored to the process of blown glass. Mastering his glassblowing skills has been his ticket to work in studios all over the world. Traveling as a 'hired gun' glassblower up and down the West coast, all over the Southwest, to studios that dot the Great Lakes region, and designing for lighting companies in Miami and New York, Mike has seen the United States because of his love for glass making. Studios in Sydney, Australia, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Michoacan Mexico have hosted him to create work.

Mike has gleaned his own style from a lifelong working education, and has broadened his discipline beyond furnace glass, to incorporate fused glass, stained glass, lampworking and coldworked glass into his artwork. Most recently. Mike was brought to Maui by Hot Island Glass in Makawao to contribute to their gallery, create new works, and be a part of that studio's equilibrium. Immersing himself in the beauty of the island and community of glass makers for inspiration, his works there are each and every one a piece of the blessing he feels in being a world-class glass artist.  

Currently Mike is in the process of redesigning the glassblowing studio at the Greenbrier and rebranding it as Lamp Light Glass Art. Mike's efforts are beyond expanding his own portfolio of individual works, installations, and trophy pieces. The studio itself is redesigned as a hub for visiting artists from around the world, not just glassblowers, to work with the material, show off their creative efforts for guests of the estate, and enjoy the location and all it's beauty.