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Meditation & Healing 

About Cari Cohen

Cari Cohen is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher. Since 2001, she has helped thousands with life-changing transformations. Cari has completed many years of intense study with master teachers and healers all over the world. She's a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (dual-degree) and New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts (1500 hours). She's also certified in Physical and Spiritual Healing of Trauma based on embryology and sacred geometry (600+ hours) with Steven Weiss, DO and Radiant Body Yoga (500 hours) rooted in ancient Kundalini and Tantric traditions with the renowned Kia Miller. Follow Cari's blog for meditations.


Meditation & Healing Offering

By appointment only

Personal Journey

This energy healing session can help you let go of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, anger, grief, insecurity, guilt, shame and attachment. As the causes of suffering dissolve, more joy, peace and empowerment will be available to you. Your body may also have more resources to heal itself. Not diagnostic.

“I told a therapist friend of mine recently, that (Cari) ‘saved my life’ last winter and truly she did. She gave me the insight that I needed…. My heart felt cleansed… Her services are diverse yet individualized, you will not leave disappointed.”  ~ Judi, Lewisburg, WV

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centers in the body. Negative experiences can impact the flow of energy in each chakra for days or for decades, resulting in fear-based limited thinking and/or physical pain. This energy healing session balances the chakras to support emotional freedom and physical healing.  Not diagnostic.

"The results were incredibly powerful… It was such an amazing experience. I came (to The Greenbrier) with incredible tension in my neck and shoulders, a block really, and since I left, it hasn't returned. My creativity and openness has expanded…"  ~ Randy, Richmond, VA

Guided Meditation

Use meditation to help connect you more deeply to your inner wisdom, change your response to stress, support emotional and physical healing, relax or sleep. You’ll be guided in a customized practice specific to your needs. You do not have to be able to sit on the floor or clear your mind of thoughts.

“The meditation we did... and the visions it produced were somewhat life-changing for me. As much as I've meditated, I never would have believed that a single meditation could have produced such a strong and positive result.” ~ Janis, Columbus, OH


The Greenbrier Spa


$225* / 50 minutes
$275* / 80 minutes
Couples, group or corporate sessions may be available for an additional fee.

* plus Historic Preservation Fund and applicable taxes.

Please call , option 5, extension 7745 or Email for spa appointments

We strongly recommend that Spa, MedSpa and Clinic appointments be arranged when booking your room. If you have a request as to the gender of your provider, please mention this at the time of reservation as we schedule our services with the first available provider. Please note that once appointments are made, 24-hour cancellation notice is requested to avoid charges.