The Greenbrier Chapel

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For well over two hundred years, The Greenbrier has not only survived, but flourished, by adapting to changing times while still upholding the solid traditions upon which the resort is built. In September 2015, The Greenbrier celebrated the opening of The Greenbrier Chapel, a new venture deeply rooted in its past.

The Greenbrier Chapel is the world’s greatest wedding destination! It is a newly completed 12,000 square foot timber frame venue featuring stained glass windows, white clapboard siding, a copper roof and steeple as well as pew seating for 500 guests.

Nestled on The Greenbrier’s North Lawn, The Greenbrier Chapel was designed to blend in with the historic structures and natural landscape surrounding it while also offering romantic touches including custom chandeliers, modern conveniences including private rooms for the wedding party as well as ADA accessibilty including an elevator.

Couples of all faiths and belief systems are welcome to exchange their vows at The Greenbrier Chapel with a private, luxurious wedding reflective of a world-class resort.


Official Name: The Greenbrier Chapel
Date of Groundbreaking: April 15, 2015
Date of Completion: August 28, 2015
Date of First Wedding: September 5, 2015
Construction Company: Cochran & Agsten
Architectural Company: Thrasher
Air Conditioning/Heating Company: Trane
Steeple Bells: McShane Bell Foundry, 1924
Cost to Build: $6.1 million
Size: 12,000 square feet
Capacity: 500 seats
Floors: 3 levels


Mr. Justice personally selected the site for The Greenbrier Chapel on the North Lawn after a centuries old oak tree inexplicably passed away. He decided that from this loss would come new life with the addition of The Greenbrier Chapel. The two wooden crosses found inside The Greenbrier Chapel have been carved from this historic oak tree. The stump remains with a brass plaque commemorating his decision.


Decades before the Civil War, The Greenbrier had already established a reputation as a romantic destination. Couples courted, honeymooned and celebrated anniversaries at The Greenbrier, but generally married in the bride’s home church. As destination weddings grew in popularity, The Greenbrier became the wedding venue of choice for many couples. With the completion of the chapel, couples can now exchange vows at the greatest wedding destination of all time.


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