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【mortgage insurance premium deduction 】 The ruthless teasing followed, every time Yuan Bingbing was scolded or physically punished by her father because of Chu Shaoyan, Chu Shaoyan would be severely retaliated by her every means. Once, she asked Chu Shaoyan to throw a piece of magnesium she stole from the school laboratory into a pot filled with boiling water, saying that she could wash the black pot for nothing. As a result, there was an explosion at that time, and the pot was blown apart, and Chu Shaoyan was also doused with boiling water. Fortunately, he possessed magical skills and did not lose his appearance. 。

The girl was startled, but then said firmly: "Big brother, I don't regret it! I repeat again: I am really willing to give myself to you, although we only met yesterday, but...but I really like to love you !"

"Very ambiguous?" Zidie was taken aback, "Could it be that Zetian is Yu Jie, who wants to develop Lily, then GL, and finally LES relationship with me?"

Hua Youlan stared and said: "So you hesitated?"

Liang Wanruo's face changed drastically: "Miss Bai, you... you said You Shuang likes Chu Shaoyan?"

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The leading girl flicked her whip lightly, and said flatly, "Nah, of course I have an idea."
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"What do you mean?" The old monk was taken aback.
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Just about 2 kilometers away from the hotel, the two walked hand in hand on the empty street, and arrived at Landi in about seven or eight minutes. Those sentries had been removed during the day, so it seemed that Ji Zhonghao should not have stayed at the Landi Hotel.
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Song Yingjie suddenly smiled. Although there was a big scar on his face and stains on his face, his hearty smile was still very contagious, and his handsome face loomed, "If you used to be an iron-blooded hero... ...Now you are a romantic son!"
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"Presumptuous!" Chu Shaoyan swears such harsh words so rarely that several female staff who went downstairs with him in the same elevator covered their mouths in fright. This super cool guy is known as the number one gentleman in Huading, who offended him today and made him lose his composure! ?
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"Yeah!" Liu Xiyao nodded obediently, smiling through tears, "I have an older brother, two older sisters... no, there is also the policeman sister, she is also very good to me!"
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I thought what Shangguan Zetian said was official business, but after hearing it, Chu Shaoyan's face turned blue. If things are true, then Chu Shaoyan will have a son or daughter!
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This sentence diverted the girl's attention, so she climbed to the edge of the cliff to observe the terrain.
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