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"Yes, Ju Zhou." Jiang admired Zhou Jianmin's political sensitivity, so he immediately asked Shu Lihong for instructions. ... what loan does not require a down payment

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Ye Tianhe didn't seem to see his gaze, but looked at other people, but beside Ye Tianhe, the five old guys looked at Chu Shaoyan fiercely, as if they wanted to see what kind of underwear Chu Shaoyan was wearing inside. , which made Chu Shaoyan very upset. .

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After Saha was killed, Chu Shaoyan did not let the other captains go, but put them under house arrest in a villa for the sake of safety, and prepared plenty of food, wine and women for them; although those people were a little dissatisfied with this, But now the situation is severe, they can only obey Chu Shaoyan's order. ...

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"Are you looking for me?" Unexpectedly, a person suddenly got out of the groove and stood in front of everyone.

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Chu Shaoyan smiled, and hugged him again: "Welcome to my team, I hope you can find happiness in our Huaxia!"

The Xiao family seems to be united, but in fact all parties are relatively complicated: Long Juntian and Luo Zhifeng are quite independent in their work and personality; Jiang Zhengfeng and Ye Xiangdong belong to the small hills of the local department. Relatively speaking, on the contrary, Tong's side uses 'Royal No. 2' as a link, and the relationship between them is closer.

"Mr. Jiang, are you kidding me? Why would my brother smash the Ye Mingzhu?" Someone asked suspiciously.

Probably feeling the coldness, at this moment Yan Shuya turned her body sideways and hugged Chu Shaoyan in a sound sleep, her white buttocks and slender buttocks that were so proud of the world were directly placed on Chu Shaoyan's body, her small mouth was still dissatisfied He chirped and murmured a few times.

Chu Shaoyan was so tormented by this wayward girl, he felt exhausted and had to give in: "Are you sure your request is reasonable and not against morality?"

The blood in Chu Shaoyan's whole body was already boiling, and being hugged by her like this made his desire rise even more, and it was difficult to control. He said in a trembling voice: "Amanda, I...I am your father-killing enemy!"

Although he had experienced many stunning beauties in Huaxia Jiangcheng before, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but marvel at her beauty; her beauty is special. Not only because of facial features and figure, but also because of temperament and skin; Toyotomi Maaya's skin is extremely fair and tender, and her jade body is so white that it is a bit dazzling. Among the women Chu Shaoyan has experienced, this complexion is only the one with a big nerve Guan Nuoxue is comparable.

"I'm in favor of freezing, but I hope some guy with the sun on his body doesn't violate the rules."

When Wu Jialian rushed to catch up again, a submachine gun suddenly appeared in Chu Shaoyan's hand, and then there was a "da da da" shooting sound!

Under the order of the head of the Provincial Party Committee, the police, coastal defense, and armed police of the three provinces participated in the operation under the unified command of Chu Shaoyan; of course, for the sake of confidentiality, most of the personnel were not clear about the mission, and everything was obeyed. .

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Chu Shaoyan looked at his watch, and was a little surprised that it was still early. Why did Ye Tianhe call so early? While thinking to himself, he connected the phone and said, "President Ye." .

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