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test. does first national bank in sulligent do a small bussiness loan Su Ran suddenly stopped what he was doing, and said formally: "About the Lin family, I remember that Dou Zhuanru belongs to the Lin family. In its heritage site, there is a Kuifangtang made by Dou Zhuanru that can be used for shuttles. I don't know that Dou Zhuanru Did you leave a shuttle tool similar to Kuifangtang for the Lin family?" ….

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small business loan for decal small business loan eligibility .The wounds left by the Gu Immortals were infested by the Immortals' domain power and could not be removed at all. Now that the wounds have healed by themselves, it means that Su Ran's physical body can already resist the attacks of the Gu Immortals. This is good news. .

Su Ran's ears were almost calloused, he really didn't want to hear this kind of piano sound. .

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As for the Changkong family and the Lin family, after the recovery of the Immortal Gu, it may be impossible to tell who is the hunter and who is the prey. ...

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Speaking of aggressiveness, he's not bad, he's not arrogant, he's only shown when he's overwhelmed by strength, and when he meets stronger ones, he'll develop steadily.

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Xi Lao shook his head: "The patriarch of the Guchun clan is unfathomable, you may not be able to beat him."

Even if he was alone against forty ninth-grade Gu controllers, Su Ran still managed to make a big kill, and then retreated calmly.

Yue Nuer breathed a sigh of relief, waved her fist and said, "I have no ill intentions towards you anyway, we still have to fight side by side to beat Changqingzi!"

The battle was over and the shaking stopped.

An eighth-rank auxiliary hook-like imperial Gu, one.

I can only make a nonsense first.

Chang Kongming is the leader of the clan, and one of the top pillars of the Human Domain. It would be a pity if he died here.

For a moment, the Savage Domain, which was originally relatively calm, was full of turmoil.

This is the main body of the Ninth Rank Human Controlling Gu!

Let's talk about it. .

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Jiuyue Immortal Gu also kept up with Su Ran, and healed Su Ran with the Immortal Healing Song from Qisheng Song. .

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