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【get loans for school with bad credit 】 Apart from Luo Yun and Ye Jinlin, a lot of girls were present, including the little witch, Duan Mulan, Liang Youshuang, Xu Qi, and Mi Qiao. In addition, Chu Shaoyan asked Wu Tianhao, An Linshan, Shi Hongzhi, Li Yiqian, and Jin Shangbang to also participate in the meeting. 。

About a minute later, the splashed lake water began to slowly freeze again, and the countless shattered ice blocks were gradually fused together by the new ice, and everything gradually calmed down!

The old wolf said slowly: "Junzhi, you also know about the big drug incident that happened at sea last time. After several major international drug lords suffered rare losses near the Zhoushan Islands, they have refused to trade at sea again in recent months. So now we completely transport goods by land, and 70% of the land goods are smuggled from the Golden Triangle border on the other side of Yunxi Province..."

"Of course!" Goddess Huading said coquettishly, and then kissed him on the lips, "Hey, if you say you love me, maybe after a few days when you recover from your injury, they will hand you over to me." Give it to you?"

Chu Shaoyan looked at the pile of debris, shook his head and said, "Another condition."

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Walking to the door, Zhang Yuxiang turned her head and said, "Don't think that's all for it! I definitely have a share of the family property, otherwise...you know the consequences!"
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Twenty minutes later, Deputy Mayor Xu Yuanpei, Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Disciplinary Inspection Liu Bei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Cheng Junzhi, and leaders of the Changning District Party Committee and District Government separated thousands of people into the besieged area with hundreds of policemen clearing the way. The building where the iron barrel-like demolition office is located.
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Ren Simao was startled: "Why?"
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"Will the love for me change?" The corners of Huading Goddess raised her lips and stared at him mischievously.
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"Is he so worthy of your love?" Luo Yun asked sadly.
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When the people arrived here, the local people who stayed behind held them back, begging them tearfully to help Mianchuan Town rescue those buried people.
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On the return trip, the two never asked about the mission at all. They have 100% trust in Chu Shaoyan's ability, the former king directly under the "Sword Organization" of the Military Commission, the idol of the special forces of the military region, is he an idler?
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It took him almost a full minute to grab hold of the side of the ship. At this time, the ship seemed to be sinking, and the bow was even gradually tilted up; at this time, the two guys who had escaped just now flew from the bow. The flow went straight down, and it hit the outer wall of the cabin in a daze, making a huge muffled noise, and died unexpectedly!
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