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【loan analyst case study 】 After a little bit of simple pasta, Chu Shaoyan directed the rescue team to continue the rescue operation without a moment's rest. 。

"Do it! As long as there is money to be made, tell me to kill and rob it! The whole family depends on me alone, and I have been unable to solve the problem for several months. The government's relief is like drizzle!"

There is solid evidence for all of the above, and Li Zhisen's remaining hair and dander, and even banknotes with his fingerprints were found on the boat on which Li Zhisen was traveling—a tip to the waiter.

"I know." Lu Lingyou nodded and said, "Although I hate those who are mistresses, I am willing to be your mistress. Brother Chu, every time I am with you, my heart is filled with joy .I haven't seen you for a while, and I feel very depressed. Brother Chu, when you went to the United States a while ago, I was sick."

Huang Wuji suddenly sneered and said, "As far as I know, the fingerprints accepted by the police must have a similarity of at least 90%, right? Now that science is so advanced, a 70% similarity is enough to steal other people's fingerprints, then modify them, and finally forge evidence !"

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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly, and after a moment of contemplation, he said: "Zetian, it is impossible to reach Tanakros tonight to spend the night. It seems that we have to stay in this forest until dark. At night, when the light falls, We've got a chance to get out."
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He used the word "you" to separate the two of them easily. A faint smile appeared on the corner of the woman's mouth in the night, and she silently stared into the distance and said, "He also drinks a lot, and he used to be like you." Drinking. However, he was drunk, so drunk that I kept watch all night..."
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With the annotation on the blueprint, Chu Shaoyan and the bomb disposal experts quickly eliminated all the remaining bombs. At dawn, everything was settled.
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"Mr. Duanmu, this will is very important to today's shareholders' meeting. Do you think it should not be read out in public?" Chu Shaoyan looked at Xiangbei Duanmu and asked coldly.
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"Oh." Chu Shaoyan replied, he didn't want to find out who that "he" was, it was unnecessary and he had no idea.
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Ten thousand, and one cent per day? Liu Xiyao's black eyes suddenly widened, and then she threw her head and shouted: "You are talking nonsense, I just came here the day before yesterday, where did I borrow your money?"
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"It seems that you don't care about Miss Shangguan's life at all!" Dugu Linfeng laughed strangely, and then shouted: "Miss Shangguan, the person you love actually uses you as a shield. Your so-called love is really sad!"
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"Ten years later, is it possible for this industrial land to be converted into commercial land at a low price?"
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