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What made him even more depressed was that Chu Shaoyan stepped on his nose and face, and asked him if he wanted to make this bet at this special time! Although he, Zheng Qingzhu, had killed many people and seen a lot of blood, how could he be able to suck the blood with his two fingers? ... online auto loan alliance bank

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nominal rate of interest is equal to he risk-free rate plus an inflationary expectation - free rider problemand interest groups . This time, before Mike's action, Captain Ka Suo had issued a death order to ensure Chu Shaoyan's safety no matter what, and obey Chu Shaoyan's arrangement. Mike has seen Chu Shaoyan's skills before, and he doesn't think that these gangsters can kill Chu Shaoyan. As for following Chu Shaoyan's arrangement, Chu Shaoyan has no arrangements for him so far, and his own The decision is to kill Zheng Qingzhu, the president of the Bamboo Association, before the mission is over! |.

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Suddenly Toyotomi Maaya twisted a little too much, Chu Shaoyan originally wanted to press Toyotomi Maaya's thigh, but accidentally pressed it on the high-upped part. .

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As the protagonist of this incident, Chu Shaoyan had no idea of the chain reaction that this incident caused in the Sanlian Club. After coming out of Ye Tianhe's office, Chu Shaoyan drove away from the Sanlian Club. Just now from Ye Tianhe, he got the situation of the Sanlian Branch Church in Dongying. Taiqingmen's martial arts practice also needs to be challenged by unknown things in life to achieve a major breakthrough! ...

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"Hello, Uncle Yang." Seeing that Yang Zhiyuan looked at him again, Chu Shaoyan smiled and stretched out his right hand.

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"Ah...Okay." Shen Yao smiled embarrassedly, looking very docile, and asked casually, "Do we need to sign any agreement?"

The assistant followed him for a long time, knowing that he shouldn't answer the call at this time, so he just lowered his face.

Shen Yao also lowered the window of the car. Chen Shuang is a very qualified driver, the speed of the car is neither slow nor fast, and the street lights outside the window are connected into a line.

Suddenly Chu Shaoyan heard a slight voice from beside him, his expression changed, he pulled Ye Tianhe's arm, and rolled on the spot. At the same time, a bullet slipped through the air resistance and shot into the body of a bodyguard next to Ye Tianhe!

Recently, Chu Shaoyan didn't even talk about looking for Guan Nuoxue in person, but he didn't even make a phone call. This should be able to prove a lot of things from the side.

It's just a pity that they all fell in love with Shen Yao, and none of them wanted to let go.

Even those politicians who sold the face of An Linshan's grandfather Ouyang Yan Wang, who came from the military, were somewhat dissatisfied in their hearts. With An Linshan's open and forthright character, if he went to those political figures, he would definitely not talk in a low voice. On the contrary, An Linshan might say in a blunt tone that Minister Liu Bald, my cousin-in-law is in some trouble, hurry up Time to deal with it!

After watching Toyotomi Maaya enter the villa accompanied by Tang Hu and A Bao, Chu Shaoyan started the car and left Sanlian Manor.

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After everyone left the conference room of the Sanlian headquarters, Chu Shaoyan took out a cigarette and thought quietly: Although Ye Tianhe passed away, everything in the Sanlian is no different from before, and the bosses of each branch are basically the same. Faithful, at this time there is no rebellion among the members in various places, and the cooperation with General Cai Ba of the Golden Triangle will continue in all aspects, and the business profits are more than before. .

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He looked up at Guan Shu, his eyes seemed to be foggy, his voice became hoarse due to choking water and coughing: "Guan Shu..." .

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