how to get a line of credit
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【what is the starting credit score 】 Danzhu not only can't control his hands, but also can't control his mouth... 。

Yan Zai has a totem and another power at the same time, and Tu Qing has a little understanding of this power.

Boulders were thrown continuously, some in bulk, some in large pieces, and the boulder hit the big shield of the Jiuli warrior. For the totem warriors who were knocked over, the Jiuli warriors relied on their large shields to block the first wave of flying stones!

"Thank you!"

Yujing's belly is glowing!

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The mist on the water gradually dissipated, and a huge black shadow also appeared. The friends stared blankly at the opposite side. The big wave just now caused the friends to deviate from the scheduled landing place and came to a new place that is more downstream. place!
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Xu'er is an unscrupulous businessman who dumps goods, and naturally travels many places and far away, while Xiongtao claims to be a member of the Kongsang family. The Kongsang family is famous for making pottery and is very famous in the Central Plains and Dongyi.
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"Don't be afraid to take it easy. Once you close your eyes and open your teeth, it's over as soon as you grit your teeth. A mortal ignites the sacred fire of the tribe and regards himself as a god... But the sun belongs to the mighty power of heaven and earth, and it will not give birth to gods. You are what you say."
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Although Xiangbo usually chats and laughs with Dayi and walks around the chicken, he is not as capable as Dayi after all.
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At his age, it seems premature to be called a teenager.
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