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"Stop!" The grim, rocky man suddenly shouted, then threw away Luo Daifan, leaned over, picked up a stone and threw it out, knocking down a guy who sneaked off the sports car and was about to escape. ...

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"Well, Shaoyan, agree that we will live and die together!" Shangguan Zetian resolutely closed his eyes.

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An hour later, Chu Shaoyan came directly to the headquarters of the Butterfly Gang - the Shanghai Flower Entertainment World under the famous Shanghai Flower Entertainment Group in Jiangcheng.

Of course, calm is only relative, and the green villa in Shangguan Manor is still undercurrent. Recently, the Loli Legion headed by the little witch and Nangong Chengyu, Guan Nuoxue, and Tan Yahui reached some kind of agreement, and the two sides became quite close.

Chu Shaoyan turned his head and asked Wu Xiaoqiao: "Lawyer Wu, may I ask: If the client has a will, what should be the basis for the division of the estate?"

Although she gave him a look, but that look was not so much angry as coquettish, the beauty Guan Nuoxue blushed suddenly, and slightly turned her head away.

Ling Junze nodded and said: "I heard from Xiaoxuan that at the beginning of last year, you were promoted to the first place and he was second. After you left, he was naturally promoted to the first place."

"I knew you would definitely come today!" The nervous girl hugged Shangguan Zetian, but she couldn't help but glance at the rock man.

The rock man clenched his hands involuntarily, causing the Huading goddess to almost groan, but she didn't make a sound, but stretched out her arms and hugged his waist tightly, breathing in the mountain-like smell on his body.

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"Well, I'll listen to you." Shangguan Zetian tidied his clothes. .

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