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Now it looks like he should have escaped a catastrophe. .

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The same is true for Wang Sanpang, no man likes to be called a woman, except of course some special people. ...

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Recruit companies don't know how to train, and some veterans are lazy and don't even teach recruits the shooting essentials of these two postures.

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As for Zhao Jun, he didn't say a word after seeing Li Ruichuan.

The most important thing is that Wang Sanpang's father's watch is exactly this brand, so Wang Sanpang is very satisfied with Li Yanan's choice.

Many students are asking questions when they meet.

If Zhang Chao can have any clues, maybe they can follow the clues and dig out most of the people in this intelligence organization.

Chang Mengyu had been prepared for a long time. When he saw the snake biting him, he immediately dodged it. Then, taking advantage of this moment, he stepped on the snake's head the moment it landed.

In other words, while avoiding search personnel, they also need to find food and the like by themselves, which greatly increases their difficulty.

After finding Wang Sanpang and Li Yanan, the captain of the helicopter had already contacted the people on the other two helicopters, told them that they had been found, and asked them to return directly.

Zhao Jun walked up and down in front of Wang Sanpang and the others with his hands behind his back.

"Judging from your goose steps just now, the overall situation is good. However, in the end, you still have to walk. This time I won't shout one or two. You go on your own and see what you can do." .

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Let them know that the army is not a place where they can have fun. The army has iron discipline, which every soldier must abide by. .

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