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【get a small business loan today 】 In the next moment, Sister Hong threw herself into his arms, hugged him, and cried... 。

I have seen too many scenes of those peerless human emperors ruling the world and smashing through the sky.

At that moment, snowflakes began to appear on Han Songling's computer. Han Songling tapped the keyboard quickly and said: "I knew it, you have been paying attention to me. Want to stop me from spreading them? No problem, you are ahead in technology I'm too much, I can't resist. However, these materials, I have printed out physical versions, and then let the demons distribute them all over the world.

However, Jiang Li grabbed the big dog's mouth with his backhand, then threw his backhand, fell to the ground, and twisted slightly...

"Come in and sit down. When you get here, it's like your own home." The eldest sister smiled.

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At this moment, Jiang Li saw Doudou and Crow beside him, and asked, "What is this?"
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"Bring two pieces of women's clothing over there," Jiang Li urged.
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Qianmo looked at Leona, then at Jiang Li, and finally pouted, kicking the trash can next to him angrily...
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Jiang Li leaned over and said in a low voice, "Is this stupid?"
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Sister Sun replied: "This is it."
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At this moment, Jiang Li finally couldn't bear it anymore, and swept all the demons away with a wave of his hand, and shouted: "Please, I am your enemy, can you show me some respect? Can you be more aggressive?"
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Jing Ying rolled his eyes at him and said, "I have never been able to figure out where your self-confidence comes from. Your strength is very strong, very strong, so powerful that I can't imagine it. But after all, it has destroyed Blue Star's civilization several times. Existence, to be honest, I don't like you. But no matter which of you two wins in the end, I'm happy, plus...huh?"
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