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【payvehicle loan online, state farm bank loan 】 "Shaoyan, how did I realize that you are always mysterious lately?" On the way home that night, Shangguan Zetian ignored the man's strong protesting eyes, messed up his hair with his hand, and then smiled tenderly ask. 。

"Captain Chu, why are you so bothered?" the police flower asked in a low voice.

Underground palace? The man in black glanced slightly, and frowned slightly.

Shangguan Zetian nodded and said, "I understand, Shaoyan, they are all your brothers, and you made the right arrangement. Uh, why don't I ask Shi Hongzhi to participate in the relevant company management training?"

After Steward Mei left, Chu Shaoyan took a sip of tea, slowly sank his body into the recliner, and said, "This is a will, so we won't publish it for as long as President Nangong is alive, lest Nangong Cheng Rain caused trouble. As for the Huali Group, I think it will be Nangong Chengyu sooner or later. If there are no other accidents and the Duanmu family is not asked for help, then 31% of the shares are enough for Nangong Chengyu to be the head of the Huali Group."

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Ye Jinlin rolled his pretty eyes at him: "You don't need to apologize, I asked for it, who told me to fall in love with you, a big tree? Hmph, if it wasn't for that accidental night in the ravine, I'm afraid you would never Take care of me?"
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Chu Shaoyan suddenly sneered in his heart. Naturally, the second daughter's petty tricks couldn't hide it from him who had an IQ of 180, but he didn't point it out, he just smiled and nodded silently.
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Zhu Luo's hair was simply tied up, and he looked quite capable. She handed over an investigation report to Shangguan Zetian, and at the same time shared her views.
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It should be strange! The rock man slandered in his heart, but he didn't say it out loud. After all, the girl's tears hurt the rock man's heart, and the former steel warrior has completely degenerated in the vinegar furnace of society!
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Qin Xiaonan quickly said: "After hearing about the incident, Mr. Wu's blood pressure rose and he fainted, and now he is sent to the hospital!"
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"Crack!" The floor of the boxing ring suddenly cracked a big hole, Wu Huijun's feet sank deeply into it, and his balloon-like body shrank back instantly as if a hole had been punctured!
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Takeuchi Koji didn't like the other party's smile very much. In fact, it wasn't that he didn't like it, but that he hated it, because the impression that this smile gave him was too bad.
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"Oh..." Finally the girl moaned, maybe it was just for a moment, maybe it took a long time, the big magic hand left, and then his thick voice said: "You can open it."
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