small loan of a million $
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【chase small loan options 】 Yue Nu'er also mobilized the Yiyang slaves from other places, and all of them converged on the enemy. 。

Jingmo stretched his body: "Finally, there is one more thing I want to tell you, this can be regarded as an undeniable task for joining the Demon Heart Sect as a Demon Envoy.

There was anger in King Yuyi's eyes, he made an offering at Rank 4, and he died as soon as he died, but Su Ran absolutely shouldn't have refined the jade muscle water Gu into life Gu!

When the Rank 4 Gu Immortal Ancestor Mo, the old hermit, rushed back to the city and showed no objection, Bei Gonghen walked off the high platform.

What Hu Shanhou said before is correct, killing a first-class marquis may cause a lot of trouble, so Su Ran doesn't plan to kill Hu Shanhou for the time being, as long as he restrains his natal Gu.

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But there are also inexplicable peripheral disciples of the August Immortal flying out outside the city, chasing Qianmo.
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A few days ago, the eldest son, who had the greatest advantage in the battle of the sons, seemed to be a loner.
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"Ice disaster? What an old devil!"
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He is a thousand demons, destined to be the enemy of the entire Gu master world.
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The sense of security in my heart has doubled.
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There are multiple factors that affect a Gu Master's combat power, one is the strength of the domain force, the second is the output of the domain force, the third is the power blessing, the fourth is the auxiliary addition of other domain forces, and the fifth is the mutual generation and restraint between the domain forces.
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"Concubine Xi, she is a person from 60,000 years ago," Prince Jiong said with a smile, "Concubine Xi's surname is Xi, and her name is Xi Fangbai. favorite.
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"My lord!"
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