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During their trip, they accidentally smashed the real body of the Great Black Hand Immortal Lord, and confirmed that the so-called Immortal Immortal King and Immortal Immortal Lord are nothing more than a blindfold. ... sofi student loan frequently asked questions

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The answer from the system made An Ran a good guy on the spot! .

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Counting, a function that sounds quite simple, is an important reason why many systems finally stand out. ...

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Fortunately, Nan Guo Laodao did not get entangled in this matter, but raised his beard, and continued with a smile: "On this moon, there is indeed the palace of Tianyin Xingjun, but the magic of this world is far more than that. ! Besides Tianyin Xingjun, there are suspected to be many innate ancient gods, all of whom have left their power here..."

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It was easily cut off by this sword!

The previous system, as fast as a few seconds, as long as ten and a half months, would definitely give An Ran a death in place.

He opened his eyes cautiously, looked around with a little doubt, but let him feel how he felt, and didn't find the source of the chill: "Could it be just my illusion... It's okay, there is the body protection magical power bestowed by my father. , any monsters and ghosts are hard to get close to me!"

"It's really Wu Xianwang..."

He just has a problem that he can't figure out no matter what——

Your Cangyue Cleansing Sword Art is crying!

If An Ran is only at Daotai stage, then what is a mysterious immortal like him, is he in seventh heaven?

He hesitated for a long while before he finally squeezed out a sentence: "Of course the poisonous needles of the old Taoist are still there, but Immortal King Wu is dead after all, and the old Taoist is afraid that it will not be enough in the future, so he wants to take precautions. Unexpectedly..."

An Ran is not a fairy from the fairy world at all!

Ye Yuan was terrified by An Ran's laughter. .

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"As expected of fellow Daoist Nanming, you are as strong as ever. Some people questioned your return, and some people questioned your cultivation, but you just used this prove yourself perfectly, stronger than ever before!" .

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