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【community reinvestment act small business loan guidelines 】 hurt? 。

Su Ran quickly rushed to the Yuyi King City through the Demon Palace, and when he arrived at the King City, he finally got the definite news of the semi-transcendence.

——It was the birth scene of a weak Gu worm. Many different kinds of Gu worms devoured each other, and finally mutated into a brand new Mythical Gu.

Even Emperor Yuyi is not afraid. Today, they are afraid that they will be completely defeated.

Shot again.

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I heard that your Demon Heart Sect has returned to the Thousand Demons, are you not afraid that the Thousand Demons will leave? "
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He, Su Ran, is he higher than the emperor? "
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It is Su Ran's return to heart to reward these two people with divine fruits.
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"Secret method of combining Gu?" Old Demon paused, "You haven't stepped into this step yet, it's too early to use the secret method of combining Gu."
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This kind of suppression is extremely strong!
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After winning the Jiuyue Extreme Realm, Fu Mo Shangxian didn't stay, and didn't eat any food, so he left in a hurry.
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Su Ran was already prepared, and immediately bowed and said, "Su Ran, I have met His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince!"
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Sunny month ascends, late new moon!
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