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【small business loan options money magazine 2016 2017 2018 】 The only difference is that the main demon's crescent mark is two-color, the original crescent mark is solid black, and the crescent mark that skyrocketed later is virtual white. 。

The essence of the devil's envoy is also Lianyang, and Lianyang is a sacrifice, and the devil's envoy is probably not much better than the sacrifice.

But Yuyi didn't choose to tell the truth, he just followed Gu's words and let Gu Rang listen to what he wanted to hear.

These waters are not special, they are the same as the waters in other places, but in the Sifang Zeyuan, they can not be eroded by sea water.

"How can you be so strong!" Xi Zhu's expression tensed.

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In order to plan the resurrection, the two consciousnesses began to attract a large number of vitality from the floating corpses into the small life zone, and let the small life zone, after countless years of development, form a large life zone and become a world.
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Around the floating corpse, there was a faint halo.
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"This brother is Deng Chang." Huang Bin whispered to Lu Xi, "One year older than you, the new head player of the provincial youth team."
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The Life and Death Insect Gu reappeared, looked at Su Ran with apprehension, went back to the red coffin, and sank under Sifang Zeyuan again.
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Then with a light jump, he turned and left.
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During these three or four days, Su Ran, who was traveling on wind wings, was extremely fast, and indeed he had arrived at Sifang Zeyuan.
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Su Ran stopped, his eyes closed tightly, and his thoughts fell on the golden text.
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Su Ran's body disintegrated directly and disappeared completely.
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