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【low credit business loan 】 A total of twenty-two rank nine Gu! 。

"Then win three battles and win two!" Bei Gonghen laughed loudly: "Fifth brother, what do you say?"

"No, I can only give them a hand in the crisis, and I don't care too much about the others. Besides, there is still a ray of life in the Central Territory. If Qu Jinghong can bring back the Living Soil Gu, it will be saved. It is really not possible. , go back to Zhongyu Continent after three years, or ask Ouyang Qi to help bring them to a safe continent."

"Haha, a rank two Gu Immortal! Thirteenth brother, you have calculated thousands of times, but you didn't realize that Su Ran is a rank two Gu Immortal. Su Ran may be able to kill a rank two Gu Immortal, but Huang Mu can also kill a rank two Gu Immortal." Immortal!" Bei Gonghan laughed loudly.

The entire Xiaogushan began to crumble.

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Su Ran's eyes can only observe the outermost situation.
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Su Ran was startled, and replied lightly: "No."
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Bei Gonghen pasted the fifth-class marquis on the concave hole of the golden wall, and the golden wall cracked, revealing a downward passage.
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This kind of recovery also feeds back on Su Ran, and his current domain power recovery speed has also greatly increased.
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If he killed him, he would get nothing, and if he didn't kill him, there would be no benefit.
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Jing Mo nodded: "That's right, have you studied the Devil's Heart Sutra?"
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The Bone Edge was also trembling.
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