small personal loans for bad credit
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【bbt mortgage payment center 】 The Wuyuan worm corrodes everything, before the Wuyuan worm, there is no difference between third-rank, fourth-rank, and fifth-rank Gu masters. 。

Life-sacrificing Gu is not that noble, it will not save other Gu insects by itself, it needs the Gu master to force them to sacrifice.

Gu worms continued to fly out of the hole.

And Wang Xiaoge outside the house was already impatient with waiting, and when he saw Su Ran coming out, he shook his head and said, "Old Kong, I said that Wang Baiji is not trustworthy, saying that he can learn a top-level fourth-grade Gu technique within two quarters of an hour." , It's impossible, now that the truth is revealed, this broken heart, he will definitely not learn..."

"Beep." Su Ran shouted.

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After thinking about it, Su Ran asked: "Old Xi, I need a top-level fifth-grade Gu technique that is not bad in aggressiveness and inclusiveness, can you give me some advice?"
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After the Xue Yin connection is established, Su Ran can have some simple communication with the Immortal Gu. This kind of communication is just a conscious communication, not a direct conversation with the Immortal Gu, but a general understanding of some ideas of the Immortal Gu.
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"I know." Zhu Sibai nodded, "He's the coach of the figure skating club."
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Su Ran got so many Gu worms from other people, many of them are Gu worms who know how to use insect skills.
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Moreover, there is an inexplicable sincerity in his eyes, which is like the focus every time he pointed the video camera at Lu Xi, and also like the eyes he looked at Lu Xi and Deng Chang on that stormy night.
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"In fact, I want to invite Mr. Su to participate in the hidden guard test in the Ten Thousand Gu Building."
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There are also other forces stationed in the city, but all the rules are based on Wangu Tower.
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Another quarter of an hour?
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