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【can i get a small loan with. ad credit 】 Hearing this, Leona was silent for a moment, then turned around and said, "You want to challenge Jiang Li?" 。

Jiang Li was taken aback for a moment, then his face became weird, and he exclaimed in his heart: "I, Cao, is it her?!"

Jingying sneered and said: "I have contacted people from their family before, and these guys are not monolithic. The several royal families have been fighting secretly for countless years, fearing each other and guarding against each other. Now, they are in a delicate balance, so It has been very quiet...they didn't make a move, there is only one reason, they are all preserving their strength, they are afraid that they will make a move, lose their strength, and be taken advantage of by expect them to come out to save the world?"

Soon, the two of them left the boundary of the Eastern Capital and crossed a piece of sea to Fangzhou. There are many plateaus in Fangzhou, and the above are extremely desolate, and there are Gobi deserts and deserts everywhere. When the wind blows, the sky is covered by yellow sand...

Jiang Li said, "I'm kind enough to help them."

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Jiang Li was stunned: "Ugly? Do you think you look ugly?"
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The demon python dragon said: "I don't bully him either. Since there is Liang Zi, I will expose it. But if we expose it for nothing, it is not easy for us to explain to the majority of fellow demons."
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The three guys chatted enthusiastically there, regardless of the mood of a group of naked weasels around them.
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Hei Lian continued to laugh.
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"Run the formation at full strength! Block him!" The night crow was so frightened that its hairs stood on end.
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But that skill can only be cultivated to the second level of the god level, and it is impossible to practice any higher.
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