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【navy federal pre approval mortgage 】 "The cause of the accident has not yet been investigated clearly. If it is as you said, if it is really the reason for the quality of the steel bars, you can use legal means to recover the loss from the company that provided the building materials." Chen Zhiyuan breathed out a thick smoke, In the hazy smoke, his brows were tightly knit together, his expression very serious. 。

The street at night was hazy under the illumination of the street lamps on both sides of the street. At this time, the black extended Lincoln was driving smoothly on the street, and slowly disappeared at the end of the street; in the car, Chu Shaoyan held the steering wheel casually, while Feng Omito Maaya sat next to him without saying a word.

Chen Shaohua used to be Ye Tianhe's full-time bodyguard, but recently the Sanlian Association has been fighting with the Bamboo Association. Ye Tianhe was worried about the safety of his adopted son Ye Jinlong before, so he sent Chen Shaohua to Ye Jinlong's side to be his bodyguard.

Is there anything else to do? Hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, everyone showed puzzled expressions. Obviously, in their view, revenge is absolutely the most important thing now, how can revenge be more important than other things?

"Are Xiao Cheng and Yunfei alright?" Chu Shaoyan couldn't help asking, remembering how much wine Sun Cheng and Zhou Yunfei drank last night.

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At this time, looking at Chu Shaoyan carefully, Gu Yue's initial feeling was not so magical. How could someone like Chu Shaoyan be appreciated by Ye Tianhe? How did a foreigner succeed in becoming the top leader of the Sanlian Association? However, Gu Yue's expression changed very quickly. At this moment, he suddenly felt that the extraordinaryness of this young man in front of him came from the other's breathtaking eyes.
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Seeing Guan Nuoxue's look of hell, Chu Shaoyan laughed and said: "I said big beauty, don't be curious, there is a branch of the Sanlianhui!
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"I don't know if Sister Zetian mentioned it in front of you, but I once agreed with her: Sister Yan, she likes you."
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Looking at Tang Hu's cold eyes, the fat man surnamed Jin's complexion changed slightly, but then he felt that this was too embarrassing, so he couldn't help but continued: "Tang Hu, what do you mean by that? Am I wrong? What? We came all the way to Harbor City, and it’s fine if he doesn’t greet Chu Shaoyan in person, and we can’t even see him now! What does he think of us, he treats us like pony boys? !"
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His eyes are as deep as a pool, his forehead is as wide as an ocean, and his cries are like a dragon flying into the sky.
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"Minister Bai, welcome to the Christmas party." Ye Tianhe suddenly quickened his pace and greeted the person standing at the front.
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In Jiang Zhihua's case, Jiang Zhengfeng was the father. He did not intervene, and has instructed on many occasions: to be severely punished; but because of Chu Shaoyan's previous covert intervention, the drug trafficking case turned into drug possession, and the amount of bribes dropped by ten times.
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