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In the pre-Qin period, the unpaid labour, most of which were forced labor, refers to all kinds of miscellaneous labor, including field hunting, chasing bandits, catching thieves, funerals, sacrifices, etc. Similarly, forced labor refers to specific labor. Corvée, including large-scale labor such as building cities and roads, opening rivers and embankments, and transporting materials... .

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The old turtle has never felt the comfort of having such a large piece of land, and he thought that if the dragon dies, Lao Tzu is number one in the world, and now the new overlord of this big lake is himself, and it is impossible for the people of the Akakata clan to reach At the bottom of the abyss in the middle of South Daze, in this way, when he accumulates strength and becomes stronger than the old tortoise, he will teach him not to keep any of this place, but to eat them all! ...

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"Gujiji! Gujiji!"

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"It's an elephant! In our field, there are elephants plowing the fields."

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