indiana small loan act
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【get small loan now 】 。

"Okay! We agree! We will work together with you to obtain the Divine Primordial Fruit!"

But there is no way, Xia Gan has no choice but to stop the giant spirit demon ape's footsteps!

They are not Xia Gan!

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Xia Gan couldn't help being shocked too!
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"That's right! Let's take a detour and leave immediately. It's important to find the Nine Heavenly Lotus!"
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For the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, he bombarded down, and his five fingers grabbed it, tearing the world apart!
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This voice is very similar to the previous Ironback Spirit Ape!
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I saw that the three-foot-high flower, which was motionless before, suddenly seemed to be alive. When a pedestrian passed by, the petals suddenly opened and swallowed the person directly!
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Xia Gan said directly, and continued to stare at the giant spirit demon ape.
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