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Then this guy didn't even operate it, and shouted directly into the phone: "Ambulance? I have an important patient who needs your help, come here quickly. Ah... are you here? It's okay, I'll wait for you here. Don't worry." , before you come, no one can touch this old man, absolutely guarantee that before you come, he will be exactly the same as when he was hit, and he will not be moved at all!"

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A sound of music sounded, Jiang Li grinned, showing his white teeth, then squatted down slightly, and retreated with his right fist!

"Whoah, whoa, whoa, bully! Let go of me! You bastard, stinky rascal!"

There are stone giants, big tree demons, tigers, leopards and wolves, and humanoid demons licking their blades...

Jiang Li was suddenly confused...

"Beep!—beep!—beep!" The siren sounded continuously in the helicopter.

With Jing Long's terrifying strength, Jiang Li's head-on blow, in their view, was definitely a desperate blow, and at worst it used most of his strength...

Changlong glanced at the pill, then at Jiang Li, and asked in confusion, "What is this?"

Jiang Li said: "Then you are still an intellectual among demons."

After all, although Yan Yujiang didn't know much about Jiang Li, Jiang Li had saved Xiaoxiang many times, and even saved the guardian headquarters of the entire Eastern Capital. Moreover, according to Yan Yujiang's conclusion, Jiang Li is just a lazy scum, he has the kind of personality that can't be slapped or kicked.

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