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【overwatch interlibrary loan online books 】 2. Deng Chang 332; 。

The tables and chairs immediately started to burn, and turned into nothingness in a blink of an eye.

A third-rank Gu master can force-control eight Gu worms, a fourth-rank Gu master can force-control ten Gu worms, after a fifth-rank Gu master, one can only increase the control of one Gu worm, and a fifth-rank Gu master can control eleven Gu worms at most. Only Gu worms, but for a fifth-rank Gu master, it is not easy to gather eleven fifth-rank Gu worms.

As a force in the Central Territory, Wan Gulou would have no problem protecting Qian Buer and Feng Jieren.

"Haha, when you look at the fire mirror, if there is blood fire, the mirror surface will automatically emerge. Do you still want to hide?"

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"There is a chance."
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