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Lin Henyou was controlled by the Xingyan Gu master at that time, not a savage, but a Gu-controlled person, no different from ordinary people, others could not see Lin Henyou's abnormality. ... student loan non means tested

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No matter which side it is on, the seventh rank can be regarded as an absolute high-end combat power. .

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These cities are completely controlled by the human-controlling Gu. The human race in the city is in a state of captivity, and the human-controlling Gu encourages the human race in the city to reproduce. ...

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Somewhere five hundred meters away from the ground, Su Ran stopped.

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This is the outskirts of Chushan City, and the special communication token is fast, and the old man who received the request for help arrived in an instant.

Of course, Su Ran can also replace the seventh-grade spirit Gu with a lower spirit Gu...

The prerequisite for being eligible to compete for the opportunity is that Su Ran can use Kuifangtang to shuttle.

"It's weird."

Wang Xiaoge smiled and said: "What is the chance? Except for the three light gates, the chance here is dead. I think you have a fourth-grade spirit Gu hidden in your body before. You don't want to share it. You want to explore it alone."

Shuttle between breaths seven times, almost squeezed out the Immortal Gu.

The corrosiveness of the water in the strange sea is not comparable to that of the Wuyuan insect, and even the strange moon cannot be touched. Anyone who enters the strange sea will not be able to escape a bone burn.

Without any dialogue, the moment the Gu controller appeared, the war began.

It's just that not many people know that Dou Zhuan Xing Yi Gu belongs to Dou Zhuan Confucianism. After all, it's too old. A person who was more than 8,000 years ago, a ninth-rank Gu master, can only live for a thousand years.

If there is an object obstructing it, it can only pass two to three hundred meters. .

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Reverse Blood Phoenix Gu is a main battle Gu. .

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