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【income needed for 500k mortgage 】 He is no longer the stupefied kid who just entered the East. He has more knowledge of this world than many people. The dragon fire bodhi tree is said to be a bodhi tree grown from fire bodhi seeds watered by dragon blood and dragon body after the fall of a real dragon. 。

Cheng Shu said with some embarrassment: "I want to go and see with you, but I have to go back and tell my family."

Jiang Li frowned and said, "Who are you?"

Jiang Li didn't say anything, just stared at Qian Mo's change.

Jiang Li didn't respond.

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There are no conflicts of interest, and the rest is emotion, so they get along very well.
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Everyone heard what the two of them said before, clearly they came here for Jiang Li.
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Jiang Li was stunned, at this moment, the top of his head was shrouded in darkness.
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Ji Laosan was obviously taken aback, and his eyes seemed to say: "I, Cao, this is okay? I saved my life, hahaha..."
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There was a shrill scream, and a big hand broke through the void and appeared, directly crushing Jiang Li's erupting thunder force.
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As soon as the words came out, everyone looked behind the screen, only to see that no one came out from behind the screen, but the eyeballs of the evil ghost in the picture of an evil spirit coming out of the cage painted on it turned around and let out a strange laughter : "Go ahead, no matter who dares to break the agreement of God, I will kill him!"
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Although it is a dead object, it is only a small section of the little finger, but the mysterious aura emanating from it is extremely terrifying!
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