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"How come, even if it's the earl, I'm still Irene's brother." Lei Zhe pinched the girl's little nose and couldn't help laughing. It was a strange feeling. Is this the so-called family affection? I don't know if Lei Zhe's original memory has affected him. ...

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"Earl Lei Zhe is a smart man. I heard that he is only sixteen this year, four years younger than you, but even I have to be surprised by this style of behavior."

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"It's not offending, at most it's just a matter of interrupting the transaction. I don't have the guts to raise an army against Roswaal now. Although I've shamed him, in terms of strength, the Wells family is superior to him. Fighting is tantamount to death. An earl shouldn't be that stupid."

After the hot soup, Ye Zuoyou felt his whole body warmed up. He wrapped himself tightly in the blanket, leaned aside and closed his eyes in a relaxed manner.

[But this is very dangerous, who can guarantee that the timing of the appearance of the giant bee is just right? 】

"Arise, my knight!"

Looking at Eiffel's eyes, Lei Zhe was silent.

"Don't worry, the sea monsters live in the deep sea. Because of the constraints of the temple, there is no way to leave the temple. Only the servants of the sea monsters have the opportunity to touch them."

"My lord... Our supplies are too large. If we want to go to Turku, we can only rent an entire airship..."

"Thank you Earl!"

"My lord, there is nothing wrong with the management of the Holy Empire. Almost all the civilians support the second king. When Ralph really took action in the Holy Empire, almost everyone thought he was a traitor..."

【Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what's going on? After not seeing each other for a while, why did their IQ plummet? 】 .

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"You should be familiar with these tools." .

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