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【online loan pre-approval 】 "I beg you, don't touch the wrath of the sun god, or the god of fire will punish you! The gods in the world have not died out, there is still thunder god in Lei Ze, there is still power in the arctic sky cabinet, and there is no sun in the dark The country has candles and dragons shining in the world...." 。

Yan Zai walked over, the little girl seemed a little scared, she was only about twelve or thirteen years old, just the age of adulthood in the tribe, when seeing this little girl, Yan Zai couldn't help but think of Wen Ming, who was thirteen years old at the time At that time, he had already participated in the blocking battle against Sanmiao...

A long-handled giant axe, and a heavy shield!

After all, it has been buried in the mud for at least thousands of years. It is really collecting the essence of heaven and earth and gathering the essence of heaven and earth. If this is a sacrificial utensil, especially the kind of ritual utensil that talks to gods and those human ancestors every day, I am afraid that it will be destroyed by now. They all contain psychics....

Liao Gezi found a man named Cuo, which means residence, and he was born in a cave.

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Concubine is also a timely expression:
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After all, whether it is the Central Plains, Dongyi, or the South, there has not been such a deep-seated major problem for the time being... As for Baiyue, the living conditions of each area are different, so I don't care at all...
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Guang Chengzi has the light of the sea of swords on his head, the light of the sun and the moon in his hands, and the air of a white rainbow in his feet. Due to his strong lung capacity, his voice is loud:
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Perhaps the god corpse has lost its own intelligence, only the fighting instinct and a remaining part of consciousness are left, but the emotion has been preserved. In the past era, the anger of being killed by the Yellow Emperor filled his heart, making him like a monster. But now, his anger disappeared because he felt the descendants of Emperor Yan.
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"Those Chu people came with Hongzhou people, and they are attacking and killing the leader and the goddess!"
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The source lies in Yu Qiang, and Yu Qiang moved to the south because of the Beihai earthquake, hoping to spread his beliefs and take root in the new land. As a result, the behavior of enclosing the land was too excessive, and Chisongzi took over the job of crusade. ....
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Female relative: "With such a person serving as Baikui, what will happen to the world? Sister, some priests left over from the past have finally been passed down through the years, but do they really represent ignorance and should perish? "
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The female priests and female relatives came. They heard that there was a "god" who could control the wind and rain, which made them very worried, but when they saw the red pine nuts, they were surprised. It turned out that the person who came here was not A god, but a Qi refiner.
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