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"Since he is not affected by the Chaos Contract, he can leave me freely, maybe it's just because the Chaos Contract has not taken effect..." .

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Yu Zai was dumbfounded, and then sincerely asked the old wizard for advice.

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That mountain has no name, it's just a place passing by on the road, and Yu Tu silently thinks about this passage, and plans to give the mountain where he lives at this time also a name.

One month, one month at the top of the sky, even if it is planted now, it will take two or three months at the earliest to mature and harvest, and it will take more than half a year for a long time. By then, the people of the tribe will have starved to death!

Last night, Zhan Qianqiu only thought it was a comforting word.

"The Great Demon King is indeed the Great Demon King. It would be too light to describe him as cutting grass and roots!"

The sacrificial place of the Gaoshi family is on the hillside of Xunshan Mountain, and the food sent by the various tribes, as well as their escort teams have been waiting here for a long time. One advantage is that the tribes who came to sacrifice, the food escort personnel are all In charge of food and drink, the Gaoshi family will be the small head, and the Xunshan family will be the big head.

Yu Zai pursed her lips: "If there is any, I would like to borrow some good seeds from them..."

Nothing to be afraid of.

"This, this, this..." The corners of his eyes trembled wildly, and he felt the three corpses beating violently, and his blood pressure rose sharply, "This heavenly way... can this heavenly way be won? It's unreasonable, it's simply unreasonable!"

The concentration of energy in the world is rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. Under the baptism of endless energy, dry wells spew out spiritual springs, ancient trees bloom in spring, deserts become oasis, and drastic changes are happening all the time.

The incarnation of Chitai Shangjun's eyes were tearing apart, full of boundless pain and despair, even though he was just an incarnation of magic power, even if his power was running low, but at this moment, he completely fell into madness and bloomed without reservation. The power of life is like igniting the last embers, lighting up an incomparably gorgeous brilliance—— .

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Yanyu's saliva was drooling, her stomach began to growl, and Yanzai wiped her mouth, and said to Yanyu, "What are you looking at, take out your leather bag, look for it quickly, by the way, don't touch this thing directly with your hands !" .

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