mortgage fraud statute of limitations
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【fixed mortgage interest rates 】 How many ninth-rank Gu masters can you have? To die here? " 。

Su Ran held the two Gu in his hands.

Gong Jiuhuang: "Gu Immortals also have mistakes."

Sheng Feixian died here, without leaving any bones, it can be said that there are no bones left.

Su Ran approached the heart, and at this moment, infinite thin sword energy suddenly appeared around the heart, attacking Su Ran.

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What kind of power this is, no one knows.
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A lot of flesh and blood had been wiped off the face of Su Ran's fist, but two wisps of indestructible power penetrated into his body, and the face of the fist returned to its original state.
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Taoist Fate Gui glanced at Su Ran unexpectedly, nodded and said, "I heard from Ouyang Qi that you can behead Changqingzi alone, and now you are beheading Ji Fang. The thirteenth prince is very optimistic about you, and is willing to give you the second-class priesthood."
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Gu Immortal has come?
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The third is physiological reproduction, the combination of Gu worms and Gu worms.
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Su Ran thought about it many times.
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"Indestructible power!"
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Flying Immortal Gu has taken a fancy to Illusory Immortal Gu, but Illusory Immortal Gu has no similar concept.
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