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【can you modify a loan secured by residential real estate 】 When Su Ran walked past the bright fire mirror, a purple three-striped blood fire floated on the mirror surface, and there were many exclamations. 。

While everyone was fighting, they all kept an eye on the stone pillar.

The important thing is that Su Ran learned about the whereabouts of the Dzi Bead pieces.

"Leave it to me!"

A moon secret stone is worth five hundred secret stones, a thousand moon secret stones is equivalent to half a million secret stones, purple clothes are quite expensive...

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"Big news! Shocking big news! There seems to be a shocking inheritance in Chaos Stone Forest. Gu masters from the Changkong family, the Lin family, and the Wan Gu tower are fighting to the death there!"
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A Gu master of the Lin family was the first to approach the stone pillar, and was blown up by Huang Yao in the air!
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In the past six months, Su Ran lived in seclusion, but he didn't notice anyone staring at him.
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It was a very simple procedure, Su Ran handed in the six hundred moon secret stones, and Zi Yi was free.
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If it is a ninth rank controlling human Gu, he must retreat, and if it is an eighth rank, he will have a chance to fight.
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"In addition to the combination of low-level Gu skills, there are also combinations of low-level Gu skills, middle-level Gu skills, and high-level Gu skills. However, because the middle-level and high-level Gu skills themselves use insect skills, combining the two into a top-level Gu art is too difficult to control, this combination can only be combined in twos, except that it can achieve some special effects, the specific power is almost the same as the combination of three low-level Gu art, but the difficulty has increased a few levels , so not many people learn it.
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Let the three attributes of skin, flesh, and blood reach the nine sources as soon as possible, and it is safe to face the ancestor of Heikui.
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Su Ran guessed right, it was done.
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