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When the mission arrived, the construction team just withdrew. Seeing this scene, the faces of the three senior officials turned green. ...

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Going out to learn from the experience of the old predecessors, I don’t know what dangers and unimagined paths Di Fangxun, who has gone astray, has figured out. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be particularly outrageous, because this era is public. In the era of the world, it is not unusual for a Gongbohe to come...

Yeah, why should you care, because you won't be compared, you just stand there and you win.

Large-scale projects must be carefully surveyed and measured, and combined with the local soil geography, weather environment, to determine whether it is suitable for construction, when to start construction, and even the expected completion time and possible conditions must be roughly grasped.

"...Don't you know anything about masonry?"

Little Tianshi's face turned red, and because of the quarrel in the morning, people in the house also came to the courtyard. After learning the reason for the quarrel, Chisongzi yelled: "Okay..."

Yu Zai said: "It can be measured with this number, but although it can be measured, it is not very helpful to everyone's life, but it is very useful for geologists and Shanyu. Because if you can measure the sky, you can measure the earth; if you can measure the earth, you can measure mountains, hills, hills, and ruins; if you can measure these, you can know the trend and flow of mountains and rivers."

Yes, a full set of alpine terrain figures, Wenming field trips, all hand-painted and made!

Farming, grain, planting, brewing, pest control, and land identification are basic skills that almost everyone knows in the current Hongzhou Alliance, but they are still "high-tech concepts" for the southeast region.

But Cuckoo felt that what Datianji said was wrong.

At this time, an old man came in at the gate, Gao Tao stood inside, staring at Wuhushen, he seemed not in a good mood, and in that state, he seemed to be able to push Wuhushen to the dog's head in an instant superior.... .

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