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"Those who guarded the edge of the ancient restricted area and monitored the Immortal King... It is very likely that someone has been dropped! They have been replaced by real black hands!" ... what is a credit

test. what is ach credit Mu Wenjun's heart skipped a beat, and his heart became heavier. ….

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"No, you can't let this guy know about such a good thing!" .

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For a moment, the air seemed to freeze. ...

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"Of course it is..." The old Taoist's eyeballs rolled around, he hesitated a little, and was about to say a name, when An Ran nodded coldly and said: "I see, I'm going to kill Immortal King Gutuo .”

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An Ran secretly wrote down the words "Tao Shenlu".

"What do you want to ask, I still don't know?"

"It looks like you can't do it either."

"It seems that the old way has retreated for these years, and many unknown things have happened..."

"Nonsense! The world is so big, how much do you know?"

The strength of the seven-headed phoenix is actually quite strong, and it can be considered top-notch among Xuan Xian.

In Bai Yueyao's memory, Baidi's consciousness was born from the darkness. When he opened his eyes, he saw endless ruins. Before the ruins was the broken Great Wall of the Northern Crown, and beneath the Great Wall was the sea of chaos. , chaos opened up, myriad ways burst out, and the universe of the heavens was first formed.

But Elder Lingbao didn't care too much, it used illusion to condense the image of Mu Wenjun, boldly, and asked the fairy beast like a hill loudly: "Senior, have you ever seen this girl?"

"Damn, suddenly I can't look directly..."

Unknowingly, the Daoist Taoist couldn't help feeling a little ashamed: "If it wasn't for this Your Excellency An Ran, I am afraid that after thousands of years, we would never have thought that the Siguo Cliff in the Taoist Holy Land would be a... living creature! " .

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"Huh..." It's okay. .

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