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Kill Ye Jinlong? After hearing these words, everyone was taken aback! The next moment Ye Jinlong's face changed drastically and he said angrily, "Chu Shaoyan, you are so fucking despicable!" ... online home mortgage lenders

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Now that he has received the admission notice, Wang Sanpang can be regarded as at ease, as long as the time comes to report, it will be fine. ...

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After finally untiing Wang Sanpang's belt, under Wang Sanpang's guidance, Li Yanan fixed Wang Sanpang's left arm with two tree branches and a belt.

"Your Excellency, Governor of Ryukyu, I have had someone prepare a hotel for you..." Chen Zhiyuan tried to change Toyotomi Maaya's decision.

Therefore, at the moment when the gunshot rang out, Feng Jun asked the three members of the Fengshen team to support Fang Xiejun and the others, and searched for some information by the way to see what was going on.

The people in the division originally just said a joke to soothe Li Ruichuan's emotions, but they didn't expect Li Ruichuan to answer like this.

"Charles, it depends on how the academy arranges. If it's a one-on-one fight, I believe that as long as I play, we can win!"

"Then I'm relieved." Liu Yong said with a gratified smile: "Today is the day you took office, and I was going to support you. But after thinking about it carefully, I still don't want to go. In addition , I intend to leave Harbor City today."

"Old Song, it's not what you think. Wang Sanpang wants to be admitted to the military academy. If he is transferred out, plus training and shooting, I'm worried that he doesn't have enough time, so I want to ask you, if Wang Sanpang will cook If you spare time to practice shooting, will there be any problems in your cooking class, will there be insufficient manpower?"

The news that the man had been found quickly reached the head of the military region.

Just as Chu Shaoyan thought, although Toyotomi Maaya sent people to pay attention to Chu Shaoyan's life, they only paid general attention. Therefore, although Toyotomi Maaya knew that the relationship between Chu Shaoyan and Liang Wanruo was not simple, she didn't know where it was.

Two months ago, Chu Shaoyan was seriously injured in Harbor City, and was almost hacked to death by dozens of elites from the Bamboo Association. When he heard the news, Toyotomi Maaya's heart almost jumped out of his body. A few days ago, when she learned that Chu Shaoyan was facing a desperate situation in Bei'ao City on Baodao, she was terribly worried. If she hadn't learned that Chu Shaoyan had left the Bamboo Association site safely, she would have almost used the special power of the official governor of the Ryukyu Prefecture to help Chu Shaoyan. .

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You must know that special operations troops often perform some arduous tasks, and physical exhaustion is common. .

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